This excursion is characterized by having a diversity in its routes as we will know the most outstanding and interesting places of these points that make up our route of the sun salinas one of our most important spas in the country has as points of interest the wolves and sighting of sea lions as well as the cliffs and the diversity of shells and snails that we can find there a few meters away from the chocolate this name is called this place because its turbulent waters and strong that form a kind of cappuccino that form a contrast of the waves.


Salinas Beach is located 88 miles from Guayaquil, approximately 2 hours’ drive. You will visit the salt pools of ECUASAL Even this is a private company that support the research of Ornithology and bird watching tourism at the time provides the 90% of salt for Ecuadorian families

The observation of aquatic birds will be easy from the dikes that divide 500 hectares of this man made ecosystem; the explanation of your bird watcher Naturalist Guide will complement the experience. Phalaropes, egrets, Peruvian pelicans and Chilean Flamingo will be part of more than a hundred species of aquatic birds that found the right place to live and immigrant’s spices that expend winter time in the warm water of the salt pools

The Chocolatera is consider one of the most western points in South America; the breathless cliff around it will seduce your photo camera as well as some birds that like to camouflage in the environment.



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