This is a 5 days tour, on which you will appreciate the nature in activity visiting three wonderful islands, which itinerary includes Santa Cruz, Santa Fe and Pinzon.

With this tour you will visit places such us Reserva el chato, Twin Craters and Lava Tunels in Santa Cruz, the crystal water bay in Santa Fe where you will see eagle rays, sting rays, sea turtles and lots of fish; Common animals on Pinzon, include Darwin’s finches, Galapagos doves, vermilion flycatchers, Galapagos snakes, and its own species of lava lizard and giant tortoise, which you will be able to see according to the generosity of the nature. This is a snorkeling friendly tour you will fully enjoy!



Arrive at Seymour Airport in Baltra Island and transfer to Santa Cruz. Excursion to the ‘Highlands’ to visit The Giant Tortoises in the wild (Reserva El Chato), Twin Craters (Los Gemelos) and Lava Tunnels (Tuneles de Lava).

Reserva el Chato: In the upper part of the island giant tortoises can be found wandering freely through the area around the lagoon from the Chato.

Twin craters: Subsidence is formed by a series of eruptions when the islands were still active. The twin craters are the only place on the island where the Scalesia forest, endemic plant to this area, where are some species of finches of Galapagos and often the beautiful sorcerer bird can be observed.

Lava Tunnels: were formed as the outer skin of molten lava solidified but the liquid magma inside continued flowing, leaving behind a series of empty tubes. Visitors can walk through these underground channels.



Day tour to Santa Fe. Is located southwest of Santa Cruz, is one of the oldest islands in the Galapagos archepelago.

You will be taken from the hostel to Puerto Ayora and you will board a boat by 80 minutes. In this bay, the water is crystal clear allowing you to see the bottom of the ocean where you might be able to see eagle rays, sting rays, sea turtles and lots of fish. You will have a guided tour to explore this beautiful Island and all the animals that inhabitant it. Santa Fe is known for its large colony of sea lions who live on the two beaches. On the shore there are two trails, both should give you the opportunity to see the Santa Fe Iguana found only on this island. The vegetation of Santa Fe is notable for the very large Prickly Pear Cacti.



Day trip to Pinzon Island

Day trip to Pinzon Island. Is in the geographic center of the Galapagos archipelago and for this reason it is peculiar that neither of the two main tree species in Galapagos (Palo Santo and Scalesia) occur here.

You will be taken from the hostel to Puerto Ayora and you will board a boat by 120 minutes. Large colonies of sea lions are also found on this small island, as well as other endemic species. This is a special place to snorkeling because the bottom of the sea is close of the surface. You will see penguins, Galapagos sharks, white-tip sharks, large rays, pelagic and reef fish.


 DAY 4

Day trip to North Seymour. This is a small island and the home of many different species of animals. This is the best place to see the frigate birds with red balloon, blue-footed boobies, land and marine iguanas, sea lions, fur seals and many different types of sea birds.

You will be taken from the hostel to Itabaca Channel, where you will board a boat. After 1 hour and a half you walk around the island takes around 2 hours. After we walk you will go back to the boat for lunch and then sail to Bachas beach. This is a nesting area for sea turtles and there is a small lagoon where you will occasionally be able to see flamencos and you will have snorkeling time here.


 DAY 5

Transfer Out


Ecuador Travel Online reserves the right of making any change without previous notification, to the itinerary according to circunstances, this could be Galapagos National Park regulations notifications, weather conditions, availability, safety concerns or any other demanded condition which matters may cause your guide or captain to change the time or nature of visits.


All organized tours as per itinerary

Hostel in Santa Cruz Island


Snacks and water in day tours

Guided visits to the Islands described in the package

Snorkeling gear








Air tickets

Transfer Itabaca Channel to Baltra Airport ($ 5,00 per passenger )


National park entrance fee $100 per person, pay in cash upon arrival to Baltra Airport

Migration Card $20 per person pay in cash at Guayaquil Airport

Isabela Island Entrance Tax ($ 10 + $ 3)

Personal Expenses

Other not specified in the package





SCHEDULE: first excursion starts at 08H00

MEETING POINT: At Baltra airport or at Puerto Ayora Dock

PROGRAM LENGTH: 5 days – 4 night

TIME ZONE: GMT-6 in the Galapagos Islands (Galapagos is one hour behind Ecuador’s continental time)

LANGUAGE: The official language is Spanish and kichwa. English is the learned language

CURRENCY: The currency is the US Dollar

ELECTRICITY: 110 volts, 60 cycles AC

ACTIVITIES: Snorkeling, walking, trekking, hiking, wild observation



This is a good tour for short time availability in Ecuador

Be surrounded by nature in activity

Be prepared for the adrenaline of traveling by rapid boats

Snorkeling is a very friendly activity

Get in contact with the nature by appreciating the spontaneity of animals

Get with you great memories with you camera of beautiful landscapes, unique flora and fauna



Terms & Conditions

Any tour must be requested with at least 48 hours in advance, in order to coordinate properly the services, after this time you should contact direct to Ecuador Travel Online contact numbers information provided on this website.

Cancellation by the client
Any cancellation must be done by 30 days before the date tour, after this time, it will incure in 100% of charge of the program. In case of special dates such as Christmas Eve or New Year, the cancellation must be asked within 45 days in advance.

Cancellation by the Company
All our activities depend on the weather conditions in the islands and ECUADOR TRAVEL ONLINE reserves the right to cancel the tour, under any circumstance, that could result on risk to the wellness of our tourists.
In case ECUADOR TRAVEL ONLINE cannot provide the booked tour for any force majeure situation, we will return to the client the deposits paid or ECUADOR TRAVEL ONLINE will offer the client an alternative tour. If the alternative tour is rejected by the client, ECUADOR TRAVEL ONLINE reserves the right to deduct the administrative costs resulting from such transactions.
Changes to the Itinerary
ECUADOR TRAVEL ONLINE reserves the right to make changes to the itineraries at any time if the client requires it or if it is necessary due to weather conditions or last minute changes on any tourism law in the Country.
ECUADOR TRAVEL ONLINE will not be responsible for any compensation to the client if ECUADOR TRAVEL ONLINE is forced to cancel or change tours due to major forces such as riots, putsch, protests, natural disasters, fires, weather conditions, congestion of the traffic or any external situation beyond the control of ECUADOR TRAVEL ONLINE
Authority in the Tour / Exclusion from the Tour
The decision of the tourguides, Divemaster, Instructors, or any representative employed by ECUADOR TRAVEL ONLINE, will be final in any circumstance that could put the safety of the group at risk. ECUADOR TRAVEL ONLINE will not be responsible for any client who commits an illegal or unlawful act of any kind. The client may be excluded from the tour without refund of his tour / course, or any programed activity, if ECUADOR TRAVEL ONLINE considers the client as not suitable for the activity, he / she may, in his absolute discretion, cancel his reservation or refuse to continue later with the client if this causes danger, inconvenience or inconvenience to other customers.
If the clients are under the influence of alcohol / drugs before the activity, the tour will be canceled without refund.


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