This program is for divers, it means, for those people who already have got any type of certification.



Day 1 and 2. THEORY:

The theory includes 5 reviews of knowledge, final exam and 4 small tests. The first day before entering the water it is very important to carry out the theoretical sessions of physics, physiology, knowledge of the equipment, diving planning with diving boards, diseases related to diving. It is a serious course, so you must commit to study and follow your instructor’s plan. We must begin to fill in the knowledge reviews.

Day 3 – Confined Waters (POOL):

We will begin with surface exercises, to continue later up to 5 meters of maximum depth, where we will learn how to handle the equipment and our body, to acquire the necessary security and experience for the first time something sensational, to breathe inside the water.

Day 4 – First day in open water (DIVING IN SEA):

Your first day at sea, diving in open water, we will do two dives, up to a depth of 12 meters maximum, where you will put into practice some exercises previously done in the pool. At this point you will feel a whole fish in the water and want much more.

Day 5 – Second day in open water (MAR) Up to 18 meters!

On the beach we will review the equipment, explain the planning and exercises to be done this last day, we will go down to a maximum depth of 18 meters, where you must already master the exercises well enough for the instructor to certify you, since it will be him who determines if you have fulfilled the requirements of the course or not.


2 theoretical days (physics, physiology, team knowledge,

diving planning with diving tables, diseases related to diving)

Surface exercises in piscine and up to 5 meters deep.

2 days of practice in the open sea.

1 night accommodation in Ayangue.

PADI Open Water Diver certification, with which you can dive anywhere in the world.





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